Review Fraud Control Activities: Leadership and Ethical Culture

Assessment Activity 2

Review Fraud Control Activities


Identify and select an organisation where you currently work or one where you have previously worked and are familiar with.

Leadership and Ethical Culture

Strong leadership is integral to effective fraud and corruption control within organisations. If staff perceive that controls to respond to fraud and corruption are not robust or supported by management, they are much less inclined to report their observations or suspicions.

Answer the following questions thoroughly by providing full explanations and workplace examples where relevant.

1. Describe how managers demonstrate visible and strong commitment to the Organisation’s Values.

2. Outline ways that management communicate to employees that conduct consistent with the Organisation’s Values and Code of Conduct is expected and that misconduct will not be tolerated.

3. Discuss whether learning and development programs are available to all employees that address their responsibilities under the Organisation’s Values and Code of Conduct, developing skills for ethical analysis and reasoning and providing sources of guidance and direction. If not, explain strategies that could be implemented to address these issues.

4. Explain how the organisation decides if a suspected fraud will be investigated – is this decision specified in organisational policy and procedure or is this decision driven by the personal assessment of senior management?

5. Outline the different proportionate responses that are available and are used by the organisation in response to fraudulent and corrupt activity. Describe the criteria that is used to determine the proportionate level of response.

6. Discuss the importance of communicating the results of both investigations and disciplinary actions implemented in response to reports of fraudulent activity and corrupt behaviour to staff at all levels within the organisation.

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