Plastics in Space

Recently, you attended an alumni association gathering on Zoom. The topic of this meeting was the amazing career growth of people you went to school with. To your astonishment, you discover that someone from your same major who was, in fact, in your lab group, is currently a Chairperson and CEO of a start-up in the astro-space industry. To make matters more interesting, this person remembers you and reaches out with an opportunity. They offer you an opportunity to join their company as Vice-President in charge of the “manufactured in orbit” space plastics division. You think this is a great idea and want to be a part. You do know that no plastics have yet been manufactured in orbit and this is an extremely high-risk decision with the potential for high reward. This start-up has no resources for this new division and you would need to help develop the resource acquisition, staffing, etc.

To join this effort, you are giving up your current employment. As a dedicated follower of this class, you recognize a number of issues that you must address before moving to the opportunity. Of special interest is your concern about the future for this division. You have a maximum of eight (8) double-spaced pages to formulate your plan for developing this division

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