Event Marketing Discussions

Please make sure to write 6-8 well written sentences per question, need one apa citation

If you can go online and see if you can access Tina Ramirez’s work in choregraphy it would be a fabulous assignment to review her great work and let us know what you think and who would you market this to?

I LOVED Chris Nolan’s new film, Tenet, and the entire experience of seeing and hearing it in a large screen movie theater with excellent sound etc.  Cinemark has a fun commercial out using Wonder Woman communicating the importance and pleasure of seeing films on the big screen vs. the phone screens etc.  What type of commercials would you produce to encourage patrons to visit the theaters and see these fabulous films?

If you are a creative type of person, please pursue your dreams and write an extraordinary script, learn how to produce films, or direct films etc.  Become a choregrapher etc.  Gifted people are amazing!!

Wonderful article about hiking on the Grand Teton.  If you can find this great article in their magazine, please read it and write at least 6-8 well written sentences for who you would market this type of adventure destination to.  If you cannot find the article please select your own adventure destination and write about why and who you would market this destination to.

Lenny Kravitz wrote about the influences that inspired his musical style.  Please discuss who you would market his book to and what type of book signing event you would have.

NYT Sunday edition dated 09/27/20 discusses The Comics Issue.  Try and find information about the marketing of comic books and the influences inspired by movies taken directly from comic series and characters.

You are welcome to answer as many or as few questions as you wish.  In order to garner full points (10) please make sure to write 6-8 well written sentences per question.

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The assessments in this course give you the opportunity to design a project plan. Throughout the 5 weeks, you will choose an organization, create a project, write project metrics, and….


WORLD HISTORY ASSIGNMENT The paper should be around 3,000 words (10-11 pages) written and cited in MLA format. Double spacing, 12pt. You should have a bibliography for works referred to….