Nutrition and Food Choice Assignment 2

• Develop project concepts that include consideration of nutritional issues relevant to a target
• Discuss relative merits of nutrition by ‘stealth’ vs nutrition as part of marketing plan
• Describe how nutrition concerns can be incorporated into product development, product
reformulation and marketing
• Discuss ethical aspects in relation to nutrition and food products (composition & marketing)

For this assignment you will work in groups. Imagine you are working for a company that wants to
produce a product that has (extra) benefits for health —You have sufficient time and resources to
fully consider issues so as to develop a beneficial product in terms of nutrition. You need to choose a
product category and identify a target market.
For your chosen product category and target market:

  1. Outline nutrition issues relevant to your target group in New Zealand including: a) common
    nutritional concerns, b) current food and nutrient intake (refer to literature, including the National
    Nutrition Survey & Health Survey and at least 1 peer-reviewed paper) (1 page)
  2. Outline food choice considerations relevant to your target group including: the relevance of
    nutrition to their choice and likelihood of accepting functional foods. (refer to at least 2 peerreviewed articles in relation to food choice) (1 page)
  3. Carry out a brief market survey of nutrient composition and marketing (including nutrition and
    health claims) of products in this category available in New Zealand. Each person to examine one
    product label for legal requirements and include as attachment to report.
    Summarise your findings: Identify nutrition related issues for your food product category relevant to
    the target market (e.g. it is an important source of vitamin C or sodium). You will need to consider
    both nutrient/ingredient composition and consumption patterns, i.e. how often consumed/ likely
    serve size. (1 page, you can include supporting info as an appendix)
  4. Based on the material gathered in #1& 2, brainstorm possible products for the following two
    general concepts, considering both reformulation and new products.
    a) Product with altered levels of macronutrients or essential micronutrients, the nutritional
    advantage will be integral to the marketing.
    b) Product with added non-traditional ‘functional ingredients’, e.g. herbs, extracts; nutritional
    advantage will be integral to the marketing. For this part you can use the internet to look for new
    ideas (reference the source). Your brainstorm needs to be presented so that the rationale for each
    product is clear. You may present brainstorm as an annotated mindmap.
  5. Select 1 product for each general concept to pursue further (2 products total)
    a. Describe the product: ingredients, serve size and NIP. Briefly explain your rationale, including
    benefit to consumer health and commercial considerations.
    b. Identify technical issues that will need to be addressed and briefly describe how you will approach
    the issues, e.g. if reduced sodium what are the issues you will need to consider and how might you
    do this? (refer to literature)
    c. Outline the nutrition information and nutrition related marketing for each product, including:
    rationale for nutrients included on the NIP, nutrition or health claims, collaboration with nonindustry groups, etc. Comment on the possibility of a ‘healthy halo’.
    Justify your decisions with reference to consumer literature.
  6. Prepare a short (10 min) presentation. Briefly describe your overall target market, product
    category and overall approach and describe and justify your products and marketing strategies.
    Submit your report on STREAM or in person prior to presentations on 14th October. Ensure all
    members of the group are clearly named, with student ID number, on the report.
    Give the presentation and post it on Stream.
    Allocation of Marks
    1 & 2 Nutrition and food choice issues for the group 10
  7. market survey 10
  8. brainstorm, integrate information from 1-3 10
  9. Product briefs, relevant, well justified product, appropriate NIP 20
    Description of marketing; creativity & originality; discussion of decisions re marketing &
    NIPs w/ reference to literature
    Discussion of technical issues: identify key issues, reference to literature 10
    Overall evidence of integrating nutrition and food technology 5
    Reference to literature (required in all sections)
    Presentation of report (spelling, format, referencing) 5
    Presentation: Informative, interesting presentation, include relevant information 15
    Total 100
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