Middle Childhood Development


Assignment Week 4

As children move through middle childhood, parental influence is accompanied by a number of outside influences that can shape and impact development during this stage. These outside influences include peers, schools, television/video games and stress.

For this assignment, you will write an essay style paper detailing which outside influence you believe has a significant impact on middle childhood development outside of the home. Your paper should include the following aspects:

Introduction to your chosen influence and why you chose it.

Research: Find two current (within the past 5-7 years) research articles that support your belief or refute your belief regarding your chosen influence on development. Summarize each article individually to include purpose of the research, brief description of the methodology of the research (do not include specific statistics) and the findings of the research.

Conclusion: Write a concluding paragraph discussing how your opinion may or may not have changed on the topic based on your research. Also, include in your conclusion, two or three strategies for managing this influence.


An introductory paragraph is included that clearly identifies your chosen influence and why it was chosen

Possible Points: 15

Research article 1 includes a summary of the purpose of the research, methodology and findings. Research is current (within the past 5-7 years)

Possible points: 25

Research article 2 includes a summary of the purpose of the research, methodology and findings. Research is current (within the past 5-7 years)

Possible points: 25

A clear concluding paragraph is included as well as 2 or 3 strategies

Possible points: 15

Paper includes an APA formatted cover page and separate reference. The body of the paper includes APA formatted citations. You demonstrate good writing structure free from spelling and grammar errors.

Possible points: 20

Total possible points: 100

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