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Cowboys and pioneers spent a lot of slow moving time on the range and on the many trails westward. To pass the time, numerous songs and ballads were made up and sung along the way. Read the following:

Cowboy Songs, Ballads, and Cattle Calls from Texas (Source: Library of Congress-Washington) (Links to an external site.)

For this Enrichment Activity, you will write an original cowboy ballad (lyrics only-unless you want to spice things up with some music or your voice) based on your favorite food. Yes, I said FOOD. Minimum Length: 2 verses and a chorus. Attached are examples of some Cowboy Ballads.

Cowboy Ballads


Sung by Sloan Matthews of Alpine, Texas, at Pecos, Texas, 1942. Recorded by John A. Lomax. During or immediately after the Civil….

Critical thinking assignment regarding medication reconciliation and polypharmacy

This assignment is a critical thinking assignment regarding medication reconciliation and polypharmacy. Consider the patient’s symptoms, health issue/diagnosis that is being treated and specific pharmacotherapeutics associated with the drugs that have been prescribed. Recommendations for any changes in drug therapy and rationale should be included. See attached rubric for specifics. The assignment is to be concise, 4 pages (double spaced) excluding references and prescriptions, should be adequate. Any questions on the assignment should be addressed in the discussion board. Any necessary patient information such as address, contact numbers, etc. is to be ‘made up’.

Mr. Jones is an 80 year old male who presents for follow up care. He was recently diagnosed with HTN and was sent to a cardiologist for baseline evaluation. He returns today with several….

Nutrition and Food Choice Assignment 2

Objectives:• Develop project concepts that include consideration of nutritional issues relevant to a targetgroup• Discuss relative merits of nutrition by ‘stealth’ vs nutrition as part of marketing plan• Describe how nutrition concerns can be incorporated into product development, productreformulation and marketing• Discuss ethical aspects in relation to nutrition and food products (composition & marketing)

For this assignment you will work in groups. Imagine you are working for a company that wants toproduce a product that has (extra) benefits for health —You have sufficient time and resources tofully consider issues so as to develop a beneficial product in terms of nutrition. You need to choose aproduct category and identify a target market.For your chosen product category and target market:

Outline nutrition issues relevant to your target group in New….

Loss data is a key element in managing and measuring OR because it can be used in a variety of ways,

Loss data is a key element in managing and measuring OR because it can be used in a variety of ways, <link is hidden> (1) to identify control weaknesses, (2) to benchmark, (3) for capital modeling. The Basel risk event categories are a useful standard for categorizing loss events.

(Links to an external site.)

Detailed Instructions:

(Links to an external site.)

Slot each of these ten examples of loss events into the seven Basel categories and provide your rationale for why this category most appropriately describes the loss event. Your explanation should identify the entity that sustained the loss and identify the loss, which can be financial, reputational or both. The precise dollar amount (or other currency) is not required, but it is necessary to specify the nature of the….

Narrative Analysis Paper on Nikolai Gogol’s Diary of a Madman

In this short paper, you will analyze Nikolai Gogol’s Diary of a Madman in order to explainsomething that needs to be explained. But this time, rather than focusing purely on closereading, you should explain how a narrative element of a short story (an aspect of character,plot, narration, or structure) contributes to its meaning or impact. As in the previous paper, youwill back up your claim with details from the text.For this paper, you don’t need to worry about citations—you’ll only be writing about one text,and it’ll be pretty obvious where your quotations come from. All ideas in the paper should beyour own—I’m not interested in what anyone else but you has to say about this poem. Just besure to use quotation marks correctly when you include language from….

Since violated expectations often lead to conflict for individual and team relationships, explain some of the most common expectations that leaders and subordinates often violate

Since violated expectations often lead to conflict for individual and team relationships, explain some of the most common expectations that leaders and subordinates often violate. Share personal work-related or community-based examples to solidify your understanding of the concept. In addition, discuss how these types of problems were handled in your workplace or team-building scenario. Were the methods used correct or incorrect? Explain your answer.Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

Select one of the team mediation techniques (negotiation, role clarification, or start-stop-continue), and describe how you would use this technique to defuse a team conflict situation. Include an example of one of the techniques that you have witnessed in your work environment.Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

Identify some of the….

Middle Childhood Development


Assignment Week 4

As children move through middle childhood, parental influence is accompanied by a number of outside influences that can shape and impact development during this stage. These outside influences include peers, schools, television/video games and stress.

For this assignment, you will write an essay style paper detailing which outside influence you believe has a significant impact on middle childhood development outside of the home. Your paper should include the following aspects:

Introduction to your chosen influence and why you chose it.

Research: Find two current (within the past 5-7 years) research articles that support your belief or refute your belief regarding your chosen influence on development. Summarize each article individually to include purpose of the research, brief description of the methodology of the research (do….

SOAP Note Case Study

SOAP Note Case Study

Complete a focused SOAP note for the case study as noted below and address the additional discussion questions. For the SOAP note section only, you do not need to use complete sentences and must use approved nursing/medical abbreviations. You may copy and paste information from the case scenario.

For the discussion questions you must use Harvard format, using correct sentence structure and spelling. Include a written cover sheet as noted in the example posted on the module wall. Be succinct on both sections of the paper. No copying of any information is allowed on the discussion answers and will be considered plagiarism. Base your answers on appropriate evidence with citations as required.

The rubric is attached at the end of this document, be sure….