What are some of the factors that might influence how important purchasing is to the success of an organization?

Assignment instructions
Read the Instructions carefully before answering the Questions:

  1. Answer each question separately based on your learning and knowledge on Strategic Procurement and Sourcing. It is recommended to use a company from UAE/GCC market and used it as an example for each question’ answer.
  2. You are expected to submit this Individual assignment (Electronic copy via Moodle’s submission system only through the Turnitin file ” Submit your assignment 1 here”) by Monday 28 September 2020.
  3. This individual assignment contains a total of 15 marks.
  4. Use some journal article references from the leading international journals such as Emerald, Inderscience and IGI Publications New York.
  5. Plagiarism should be as less as possible as per UD policy. To avoid plagiarism, you can still edit your work upon receiving the matching report from Turnitin. If that is the case, you need to communicate it to me in writing via email. Note that if the percentage of matching in your
    assignment is ≥ 20%, you will receive a zero grade for this assignment. Unfortunately, for some of you, this may mean failing the course. So please be careful here.
  6. Mark will be deducted for surpassing the word limit ((2,000 words) by more than 10% on either side. To avoid losing marks, you can include any tables, graphs, attachments in the Appendices section.

    Assume the role of vice president of manufacturing or service company. You are thinking about the forthcoming annual meeting of top-level managers of manufacturing/delivery, engineering, marketing, and product/service design to discuss strategic planning and the new
    competitive strategies and orientation of your company. In order to improve competitiveness, you want to highlight the role of procurement in supply chain.
    Write a detailed report outlying:
    Q1: What are some of the factors that might influence how important purchasing is to the success of an organization?
    Q2: Discuss the contributions a purchasing department can make to the corporate strategic planning process.
    Q3: Why do some firms no longer rely only on competitive bidding when awarding purchase contracts?
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