Do satirical news shows challenge the status quo and why?

Analyze  the parody of the show. The message being presented. Does it challenge  the status quo? Promote it in someway? What is the cultural capital  needed to understand the commentary and message. You can focus on a  segment, or the show as a whole. This includes asking how the show is  able to present an alternative view on issues, when other news-based  shows are unable to do so (and just claiming it is because it is  humorous is not complete).

KEY QUESTION: Do satirical news shows challenge the status quo and why?

You  will develop an argument using this artifact. It is best to focus on  one idea in each paper (such as race, gender, attractiveness, power,  etc) and discuss how it relates to the society (this is how you bring in  the articles). Use at least 3 references (ASA citation) in each paper  (at least 2 from class reader).

REQUIRED: Include your thesis
on your title page.

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