How does the article portray the messy reality of a scientific discovery?

Read Twilley’s article (Links to an external site.) actively. This is a great example of how real science is practiced messily.
In your reading reflection, make sure you address the following questions: 1) What are gravitational waves and why is detecting them important? 2) How were the gravitational waves detected? 3) How does the article portray the messy reality of a scientific discovery? Provide at least 2 examples.
Don’t submit your first draft as your last draft! This time, I’d like you to submit both your first and your improved drafts. First upload your first draft and then your polished draft. Not the other way around. I will evaluate the second file that is uploaded. Make sure it is your improved draft. Both files should be uploaded before the deadline to be considered an on-time and complete submission. You will not receive a full point if you only submit one file.
Include the usual heading (name, Intro to STS, and due date), write 2 paragraphs (between 400-500 words total), double space, indent the first line of your paragraphs, and cite.
Cite using the APA style if you quote or paraphrase by adding a parenthetical citation at the end of the sentence where you have the quote with the author’s info, date of publication, and page number.

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