Workshop 4 Vocabulary


1. Prepare and submit the definitions of the following terms in an initial, original post.

2. Use APA referencing style to include your bibliographic source(s) and make in-text citations, if any.

Vocabulary Terms:

1. Appositional growth

2. Calcitonin

3. Calcitriol

4. Canaliculi

5. Cartilage

6. Diaphysis

7. Endosteum

8. Epiphyseal plate

9. Epiphysis

10. Haversian canals

11. Interstitial growth

12. Lacunae

13. Lamellae

14. Marrow

15. Metaphysis

16. Osteoblasts

17. Osteoclasts

18. Osteocytes

19. Osteogenic cells

20. Osteon

21. Periosteum

22. Trabeculae

23. Volkmann’s canals

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