Watch the following video on plagiarism and APA-style citation and review the APA-style referencing guide and sample references page:

  1. Watch the following video on plagiarism and APA-style citation and review the APA-style referencing
    guide and sample references page:
    APA-Style References Guide and Sample References Page
  2. Read the following course requirement for writing in Psychology courses at Post University.
    For all written work in this course, it is expected that you will write using your OWN words. You are
    expected to discuss psychological concepts, theories, and research results. In doing so, you will learn to
    communicate using the “language” and terminology of psychology. Although you will learn the
    language of psychology, it is critical that you communicate your learning by using your own words. If
    you describe the theory or research results of others, you must paraphrase the main ideas in your own
    words (please see the first link). Paraphrasing is the only way you can clearly show your instructor what
    you have learned. Paraphrasing is different from summarizing. Visit the second link to learn the
    • Paraphrase: Write it in your own words. Purdue.
    • Quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing. Purdue.
  3. After watching the videos and reviewing the web links above, paraphrase the information below.
    That is, re-write it in your own words.
    The most common method of data collection in developmental psychology (and indeed, psychology as a whole) is to carry
    out an experiment and collect appropriate measures of children’s behaviours. The advantage of this method is that many
    aspects of the environment and other key variables can be controlled. This allows for more precise testing of hypotheses
    than observational studies.
    Older children can be studied in similar ways to adults. We can ask them questions about their experiences, opinions and
    memories, and they can listen and follow instructions to provide responses in experiments. Studies with very young
    children face particular challenges because they require different kinds of methods. Depending on their age, young
    children cannot understand verbal instructions and may be unable to give verbal responses. Complex, non-verbal
    responses such as choosing between alternatives may also be difficult. Finally, young children have shorter attention
    spans and they may not be willing or able to sit still for long enough to complete a study. For these reasons, researchers
    have had to develop alternative methods to examine the knowledge and abilities of young children and, especially
  4. Cite and reference your paraphrase using APA-style. The information above came from the following
    source, so you will cite and reference this source:
    Harris, M., & Westermann, G. (2015). A student’s guide to developmental psychology. Psychology Press.
    This assignment is worth 5% of your grade and is due by the end of Unit 2.
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