How gami fi cation motivates visits and engagement for online academic dissemination e An empirical study

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 The journal article required to complete this homework can be found on your Moodle page as a PDF in the same file as this word document.  Please access the full article from your Moodle page and write your answers according to the article.  Due to copyright issues, please not copy and paste any of the information from the article to this document. Everything should be typed into this document. The article should only be used as a reference.

There are 4 parts below (A, B, C, & D). Please read each part carefully; all questions are related to the Journal Article you are given.

Instructions: Referring to the journal article, identify the necessary information from each relevant part of the article.

A. General Information. The information in this section should be given as it is found in the journal article. (3 points X 5 = 15 points)

A1. Title of Journal Article:

A2. Name(s) of Author(s):

A3. Journal Name:

A4. Year of Publication:

A5. Page Range:

B.  Find the answers for the following questions by referring to the relevant part of the journal article they are found. The information in this section should paraphrase or summarize the necessary information. (6 points X 5 = 30 points).

B1. The importance of the study:

B2. Problem statement:

B3. Population of the study:

B4. Data collection tool or instrument:

B5. Method of data analysis:

C. Findings, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion: Based on the information provided in these parts of the journal article, make a list of 3 findings/results/discussions/conclusion of the study. Briefly summarize or paraphrase what the author(s) found. (5 points X 3 = 15 points)




D. Read through the research paper and identify five (5) in-text citations (ITC) that have been used. Complete the table below by copying the text as it is seen in the research paper. Then provide the in-text citation information. An example has been given. (8 points X 5 = 40 points)

 Text from articleIn-text Citation (Surname(s), Year, pg.) Surname(s) (Year, pg.)
Ex.  Video games have become increasingly popular among all age groups and genders in recent years.  (Entertainment Software Association, 2015)
ITC 1  
ITC 2  
ITC 3  
ITC 4  
ITC 5      
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