Green Building Design and Construction

Homework 2: Green Building Design and Construction
Total points: 100 points
Describe and compare emerging technologies that both support and hinder sustainability. Pick
one of each type of technology to discuss. Explain the basis of your evaluation/assessment.
The summary must be 800-1000 words long – single space and in Microsoft word format (no
PDF please). Include citations within the text (body of the paper) and provide all the
citations/references at the end of the paper in addition. Check this paper linked here to see how
the in-text citations are done and all the citations at the back of the paper as references are
Submission: Must be submitted through blackboard over the given deadline (in Word

document and NOT picture file). Emailed work will NOT be graded.

Grading criteria include but are not limited to:

  1. Structure and formatting
    a) Spelling and grammar, sentence structure, and general writing.
    b) Whether the format were followed (e.g., 800-1000 words, single space, and word
    c) Appropriate use of citations and formatting as instructed.
  2. Content
    a) Are there at least two data points from legitimate sources?
    b) Are the data points appropriate and meaningful for the purposes of this paper?
    c) Does the discussion of the data provide a thoughtful analysis in the context of items
    presented in class and having to do with concepts of sustainability?
    d) Plagiarism is not permitted. Content copied direct from sources will be penalized
    including not grading. You can view SafeAssign originality report for your attempts
    before making final submission
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