Emergency medical services at saudi airports: an overview

Outline what you intend
to do, why you believe it needs to be done and what the results will mean in theory and in practice
Introduction – The Background to the Study
– The Significance of the Study
– The Purpose of the Study or a Statement of the Problem
– Research Questions
Literature Review brief but give the reader enough information to understand the
context of the proposed research. It may include references to previous findings and specific studies similar to
the current study, and to relevant methodology.
Research Methods – Instruments or materials (tests, questionnaires or interview schedules
– Procedures (step by step, how you will collect the data)
– Data Analysis
Expected Outcomes Summarize the outcomes/personal development that you hope will result from the project.
Timetable Indicate the timeframe for each stage considering literature review, data collection and analysis, chapter and thesis writing, and thesis submission date.

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