Construction Management

Answer Discussion Questions 1&2

1. In your opinion, why it is important to identify constraints in the project schedule?

2. How should a schedule be presented to an owner? Please discuss what are the key points to be included? 

Respond to student’s discussion answer  below


  1. A schedule constraint is a limitation added on a project schedule that affects the start or end date of an activity. Schedule constraints can take the form of fixed imposed dates for a work item, it can be used to restrict the start of an activity to occur no earlier than a specified date, rather than allowing the dates to be determined by the planning process. As soon as possible, Start no earlier than, finish no later than are some of the constrain we add in a project schedule. It is important to identity because when a constraint date is applied to a work item, that date takes precedence over dependency resolution dates during the scheduling process.


  1. Many project owners prefer network diagrams when project schedule is presented to them by the contractor. The network diagram is a way to visualize the interrelationships of project activities. Network diagrams provide a graphical view of the tasks and how they relate to one another. The tasks in the network are the work packages of the WBS. All the WBS tasks must be included in the network because they must be accounted for in the schedule. Project schedules are to be provided to monitor the progress of the contractor and subcontractors relative to established schedules and to serve as status reports to the owner. The contractor administrator will discuss how the project stands with respect to the owner’s construction schedule and delivery.



It is important to identify constraints in a schedule because they add elements, they may be unique to the project. As an example I worked on a high-rise building renovation project that scheduled task to subcontractors by floor completion but nothing could be done on the next floor until the asbestos abatement was complete, thus a start no earlier than constraint is appropriate.


A good schedule to present to owners would be a bar chart. Bar charts are simple and easy to follow the logic involved. The bar chart should include the duration, late start and finish dates without float. This way if task and the overall project is completed early the manager is looked upon favorably instead of setting an expectation to do so.


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