A Reflection is a learning assignment based upon previous work.

A Reflection is a learning assignment based upon previous work. 

The Assignment:

At this point you should have read through the case several times and have completed your general topic research. You should have come to class with your general outline. From the in class discussion you may have found that you have missed some important points in the Analysis.

1) First Page: Revised Outline – Submit a revised Outline (not a redone “Don’t Procrastinate” assignment) with topical headings (and subheadings as required) as discussed in class. You should follow this suggestion:

Executive Summary
……….. (The major content of your Analysis)

If you are actively using an outline at this point to write the Case Analysis – Outstanding!  You may include the content in its raw form. I’m simply looking to see if you understand the elements of the Case and are making good progress.

2) Second Page: Personal Reflection (Use these headers for the three required paragraphs.)
      a. What did you learn from the in class discussion?
      b. What did you miss in your original outline and why?
      c. What might you now do differently with your approach to be more successful with your Analysis?

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