Family Dinner

Applying Time Constrained and Resource Constrained Concepts to a Meal!

PROJECT: Family Dinner

NEW THREAD: Choose a simple meal that includes a recipe you would prepare for a family dinner. It may be helpful to create a rough draft of the network diagram & post/attach to your thread. (Use any method, a hand-drawn picture or Excel or other software to do this!)

Consider & discuss the following in your New Thread:

What resources are needed: People, Materials, Equipment

Is the meal time-constrained or resource constrained?  Why?

Based on your choice above discuss:

What are the critical activities or critical path to bring the dinner to completion?

For Time-Constrained: Discuss using leveling to improve the utilization of resources needed & meet the time constraint?

For Resource-Constrained: Discuss how would you prioritize & allocate scarce resources to minimize the delay of dinner?

Discuss how you might use “splitting tasks” to help? Were there costs to doing this? Consider both monetary & conceptual costs.

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Impact on Flexible working and team efficiency/link with brief on lack of management working– does it encourage better management

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Working-Class Manchester

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