A letter to the editor

Written composition


Write and submit a formal letter to the editor of a respectable national newspaper of approximately 600 words on the given topic. You must use the conditional tense in the correct manner. It is intended to assess your ability to express yourself in English. While your argument must be logical and well‑structured, the focus of the assessment is on grammatical correctness and style.

Composition topic

Describe what you would do about pornography if you were in charge of your country. Please indicate your reasoning.

You may argue for or against pornography.


  1. In order to ensure your statements are strong, you may wish to do some background reading on the topic, particularly in relation to your own country and Australia.
  2. When writing, pay particular attention to grammatical correctness and style.
  3. 3.    Use Australian English for spelling, paying particular attention to -ise versus -ize

Very important

Style and genre guidelines

  • paragraph arguments
  • .

Marking criteria

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