The Effect of Health Insurance on Individuals’ Health Status

(1) The Effect of Health Insurance on Individuals’ Health Status
(2) Brief Overview of Private Health Insurance Markets: Employer Sponsored
Insurance (ESI) and the Individual Market
(3) Health Plan Choice
(4) Insurance Market Competition: Now and in 2014
Lesson Objectives:
(1) To summarize the effect of insurance on health status.
(2) To identify the advantages and disadvantages of ESI versus individual coverage
for the non-elderly population
(3) To understand the concepts of asymmetric information and adverse selection as it
relates to demand for health insurance.
(4) To identify the factors associated with workers’ access to ESI.
(5) To discuss how U.S. tax policy encourages ESI provision.
(6) To define what is meant by a loading fee and to understand how it varies within
the ESI market.
(7) To explain the impact of medical loss ratio regulation on insurance markets.
(8) To explain the difference between experience rating and community rating.
FGS 11
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*Krueger and Kuziemko, “The Demand for Health Insurance Among Uninsured
Americans: Results of a Survey Experiment and Implications for Policy.” NBER Working
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Supplemental Resources:
“A Primer on Tax Subsidies for Health Care.” KaiserEDU tutorial: Accessed at:
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Insurance Market.” Health Services Research, December 2007, 42(6), Part 1: 2194-
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