Long-term care: Demand, Supply, and Quality

(1) Long-term care: Demand, Supply, and Quality
Lesson Objectives:
(1) To understand the factors influencing the demand and supply of long-term care
(2) To assess how public reporting has influenced the behavior of long-term care
Grabowski, D. “The Market for Long-Term Care Services.” Inquiry, Spring 2008,
45: 58-74.
Werner et al. “Impact of Public Reporting on Quality of Postacute Care.” Health Services
Research, 2009, 44(4): 1169-1187.
Supplemental Resources:
Mor et al. “The Revolving Door of rehospitalization from skilled nursing facilities.” Health
Affairs, January 2010, 29(1): 57-64.
KaiserEDU tutorial on long term care. Accessed at: http://www.kaiseredu.org/Tutorialsand-Presentations/Long-Term-Care.aspx.
Introduction: The Changing Long-Term Care Scene – Part 1. Accessed at:

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