Why Nevada had a ″culture of corruption″

Based on Chapters 7 and 8 as well as the Module materials you will write on 1, 2, and 3. Please remember to start a new paragraph when you start a new idea; paragraphs should not be longer than SIX sentences. Paragraphs longer than six sentences will lose points. 1. In at least 300 words, please write as a financial consultant who is advising a New York investor in 1915 on whether to invest in a Nevada mining operation. You will need to include: a. A brief history of mining in Nevada b. An evaluation of the stability of the mining industry in Nevada c. A brief history of how mine workers are treated in Nevada 2. In at least 300 words, please write as the wife of a church minister in Reno in 1915. Please describe how the following groups are living in Nevada in 1915: a. Women b. African Americans c. Native Americans d. Chinese Americans 3. In at least 300 words, please write as political reporter for the New York Daily News who is visiting Nevada in 1915. You want to explain to people back east: a. Why many Nevadans were Populists b. Why Nevada had a ″culture of corruption″ Please do not use outside sources or internal citations. Please do not use direct quotations.

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