What did Secretary of State (former General) George Marshall propose in 1947? What was the reaction to the plan by Americans? How did Moscow react?

Quiz 5 from The American Spirit.  Write an essay (at least three paragraphs) choosing one of the questions.  Read the document and base the essay on the document (not the paragraph in italics which is the 21st century editor’s commentary).  There are four choices, pick one.  

1.         What did Secretary of State (former General) George Marshall propose in 1947?  What was the reaction to the plan by Americans?  How did Moscow react?  (Chapter 35, sections B1-3, pp. 699-703)

2.         In 1954 in Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court reversed (overturned) Plessy v. Ferguson of 1896.  What did the decision in Brown v. Board of Education do?  Why were 100 Congressmen opposed to this and where were they from?  (Chapter 36, sections B1-2, pp. 721-724)

3.         Why did Eisenhower send in troops to Little Rock, Arkansas?  How did the Little Rock newspaper Arkansas Democrat react?  Was there reaction justified?  (Chapter 36, sections B3-4, pp. 724-726)

4.         What did Rosa Parks, the Woolworth’s lunch counter protests, and the Freedom Riders hope to achieve?  Did they achieve their goals and at what cost?  (Chapter 37, sections C1-3)

5.         Compare the goals of the National Organization of Women and the desire for an Equal Rights Amendment to the goals of Phyllis Schlafly and her concept of the ‘Positive Woman’.  (Chapter 38, sections C1-2 and 4, pp. 790-793 and 795-797)