The Prologue of Alf Layla (p. 408-418)

Write a 250-word reflection paper on the the Prologue of Alf Layla (p. 408-418). This is not a summary; this is your own personal reflection, your opinion of the text, what you like/dislike about it, how you see the characters, what you think the main theme is about and whether you think the writer managed to deliver it successfully to his readers, what you think of the style of the writer? Was it easy or difficult to read and understand or not? Do you think this is a good or bad text? Is it interesting or boring and why? Would you recommend it to others to read? Did you learn something new from it? While addressing those questions, you have to refer to the text and give examples to support your opinion.

You will lose marks if you submit after the deadline (only one extra day is allowed), if you make linguistic mistakes and if you score any percentage of plagiarism from the net. This is not a summary, this is your own opinion, your own reflection, you shouldn’t consult any websites or copy from them.

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The Management Process Today

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Define what is meant by AWS (Architecture) Reference Models using EA3 Cube concepts, TOGAF/Archimate and other appropriate EAM literature and state the purpose of the AWS reference models

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