Reading: Toni Morrison, “The Nobel Lecture in Literature”

 Reading: Toni Morrison, “The Nobel Lecture in Literature

These must be at least 250 words. This is a minimum word count, and it’s fine if you write up to 300 or 500 words if you have a lot to say.  Anything short of 150 words will lose considerable credit.  Post as prompted.  Choose 1 or more points that you found to be the most important.  Define these key points and tell me why you found them important and interesting.  You must tell me why you chose these items, in your own voice, with your own words and thoughts about them in order to get these 5 weekly points.  Be clear, be thorough, take care with your language, and don’t just dash these off or you will lose points.  Take this work seriously since it will add up to 70 percent of your grade!  Once you post, you will see your classmates’ postings.  In addition to your required post, if you reply thoughtfully and constructively to one or more of your classmates’ posts, you can earn extra credit.
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