Mini Rural

Put yourselves in the shoes of an artist and try to visualize an idea. “I am Frida and this is my pain”. Visualize an idea and try to recreate it with images.

Create a mini-mural either using cut out picture, paint, pens or digital images. Imagine you are one of the Mexican muralists and create a narrative using images. Don’t spend a lot of time on this, it is an exercise in using art to create meaning. I am not going to grade the quality of the art. Everyone that completes the assignment will get credit.

You can take a photo or scan your art and upload it here. Or you can make something by pasting images together, like a collage. The idea is to try to create or express and idea using images.

Write a short narrative to explain your work.

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The Management Process Today

Main topics: The Management Process Today Managing Values, Attitudes and Emotions Managing diversity and ethics Managing in a Global Environment Decision Making, Learning, Creativity Planning, strategy Designing Organizational Structure Organizational….

How would you grade Ralph on his management skills, techniques and overall performance?

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Define what is meant by AWS (Architecture) Reference Models using EA3 Cube concepts, TOGAF/Archimate and other appropriate EAM literature and state the purpose of the AWS reference models

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