IDENTIFY EACH THING DESCRIBED: This was America’s first undeclared war

  1. This was America’s first undeclared war.
  2. This general was offered command of the Army of the Potomac but turned it down and eventually took command of the Army of Northern Virginia.
  3. These three men were some of our greatest congressmen and senators. They are often referred to as “the Great Triunvirate.”
  4. This battle in the War of 1812 made Andrew Jackson into an American hero and future Presidential candidate.
  5. This President was also America’s greatest diplomat?
  6. Describe the Compromise of 1850 in detail. Why was it needed and what were the solutions or provisions of the agreement? You need five solutions. (Use notes and book.)
  7. Name three results of the Mexican American War. Which one was the most significant and why?(Use notes.)
  8. Describe the cabinet of George Washington. Who was in it? Which office did each hold? Which two men disagreed, over what issues, and what were the results of these disagreements? (Use notes.)
  9. Describe a significant accomplishment in each of these President’s administration: Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln. Which one did more for his country and why?
  10. In Article VI (6) of the Constitution, what is included in the “supreme law of the land”? What does the Constitution supersede? Which officials are bound by an oath to support this Constitution? (Notes, P. 835)
  11. Winfield Scott proposed the Anaconda Plan. How did he say that the Union would win the War? Describe how this happened using especially the turning point events of the Civil War. You may use your notes on the overview of the Civil War, the battles and events of the war that are marked with an asterisk* in the outline of the Civil War and the Civil War maps in your book (Pp. 340, 342, 344, 345,347, 348.)

Bonus: Up to five points. Explain two of the reasons for the Civil War form the Reasons for the Civil War notes or Chapter 13 in your book.

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