Contemporary International Problems

“Turning to a Market Economy” Chapter 11: Please respond to the following MAIN DISCUSSION QUESTION:

Many developing countries in the “Global South” turned to Socialism in the past as a means to solve their economic problems. Now, considering the evident failure of Socialism, many of these countries seek to create fast growth through the establishment of market (Capitalist) economies. Note: The Global South is also called Developing Countries, and includes low- and middle-income countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Select a country in the Global South that has been in the news recently and then visit a reputable website, read a newspaper, or watch a TV broadcast to catch up on the latest events relating to the economic development of the country. Next, using the country you researched, identify which of the five (5) market economy policies the country appears to be following. The policies are listed in your text book in chapter 11, p. 193-195, and listed below. Provide support for this conclusion.
  • MARKET ECONOMY POLICIES_ch11_wk6.docx 

 Capitalism (or a market economy) may sound simple but is actually complex, sometimes harsh, and requires government to create favorable conditions which are noted in your text in chapter 11.  Here are some of the favorable conditions required in the five market economy policies that you can look for:

– free and unsubsidized prices,
– noninflationary currency growth,
– an educated workforce,
– plugging into world trade, and
– transparency to avoid crony capitalism.

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