When were most inchoate crimes recognized in American law?

Question 1        When were most inchoate crimes recognized in American law?                 The fourteenth century 

The sixteenth century 

The eighteenth century 

The twentieth century

 Question 2        Which portion of an attempted crime is not enough to sustain a conviction?              

Mere confession 

Mere preparation 

Mere solicitation 

Mere corroboration
           Question 3        Which of the following actions is most likely to be ruled a “substantial step” in the commission of an attempt?            

 Buying a book on cleaning up crime scenes

 Purchasing a personal firearm 

Taking out a life insurance policy

 Lying in wait for the victim
           Question 4        Which concept holds that acts remotely leading toward a crime are not liable, but acts immediately connected to it are?              

The mere preparation test 

The proximity approach 

The coinciding test

 The concurrency approach

           Question 5         Which of the following is an inchoate crime?                 Murder 




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