The fundamental responsibility of criminal justice personnel is based on sound decision making

Your final project in this course is the development of a research report.
The fundamental responsibility of criminal justice personnel is based on sound decision making. Using the scientific method within the criminal justice investigations process allows investigators the opportunity to base their findings on factual data and ethical reasoning. This is especially important within the field of criminal justice because the decisions made undergo rigorous scrutiny from entities such as the media, judiciary system, and the general public. Creating literature reviews is a common practice when explaining trends within the criminal justice field. For example, as a criminal justice representative, you may be tasked with explaining why calls of domestic violence have increased in a specific area in your jurisdiction over a certain period of time. It is your responsibility to
gather and interpret data, analyze criminological theories, and make use of the scientific method to offer an explanation for the increase, as well as an effective avenue of resolution. In the final project you will practically apply research methods to come to informed conclusions.
For this assessment, you will play the part of an individual currently employed at a criminal justice agency such as a police force, a correctional institution, or a court system
. Your administrative staff holds monthly meetings to discuss trends, departmental issues, and community concerns. Your supervisor has
approached you and told you that there has been a trend of increased incidents related to a specific issue, and furthermore, the community has taken notice. Your supervisor must provide an answer to the administrative staff and the community, and would like your assistance. You have been tasked with conducting initial research on the issue to inform the direction of your supervisor’s further research and statement to the administrative staff and community.
To begin, you will be presented with a predetermined list of issues impacting the field of criminal justice. You are to choose an issue, or select an issue outside of the list with instructor approval. You will then seek out five peer-reviewed scholarly articles, two of which must use qualitative methodology, and synthesize and critically analyze the literature to develop a research question and create data informed conclusions about your selected issue. Additionally, you must identify the methodology
used in each article, and explain the importance of using the scientific method to practice ethical research.

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