Read the case file from Brandl, Criminal Investigations, “He Hit Her Until She Fell . . . and That Was Just the Beginning” starting on page 363 of your textbook. Then consider if you were the criminal investigator assigned to investigate this case, what interview questions would you have asked the witnesses and why? 

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Define what is meant by AWS (Architecture) Reference Models using EA3 Cube concepts, TOGAF/Archimate and other appropriate EAM literature and state the purpose of the AWS reference models

You are to investigate and understand how the AWS meta EA reference model can be used by ABC University. The university is interested to change their eSolution system platforms to….

For this assignment, think of three bad decisions that your current or past supervisors made

We’ve all had experiences where we have been frustrated by a decision that our supervisor made. You have probably blamed this decision on your boss being “closed-minded,” “stubborn,” or “pigheaded.”….