Below are some insights to completing this assignment (academic paper):

1.  The total word count is 350 – 700 words.   Because there are 4 perspectives, plus a structure (introduction and conclusion), the expectation is closer to the 700 words (budget about 150 words per perspective).

2.  Use at least 2 reliable sources to help build the response.  Because these topics are similar, each source will probably address all 4 aspects.  Students may use additional sources as needed. Remember that Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

3.  Use a structure (introduction, body, and conclusion).

     — Title page 

     —  Introduction paragraph, 1 paragraph for each perspective, and concluding paragraph

     —  Reference page

4.  Tone.  Do not use the words “we,” “our,” or “us.”  You do not know who the reader is.   You should not speak for the reader.

                Avoid using the words “I” or “my.”  Use the information from the sources to help provide support or lack of support.

5. Cite the information. If the information is not common knowledge, you need to cite it using in-text citations. Some basic formats are:

Blah blah blah (Last name, year).

“Blah blah blah” (Last name, year, p. #).

According to Last name (year), blah blah blah.

Last name (year) reported that blah blah blah.

Last name (year) reported that “blah blah blah” (p. #).

Blah blah blah (“Abbreviated title,” year).

Class, remember that the focus is on the information.  The following situation: “supervisor has been asked to speak at a national convention on the future of criminology. Your supervisor has asked you to help…” is just a context for students to help comprehend what is being asked.

In sum, this isn’t a report.  It is an academic paper.  Thus, use the structure presented above.   It is best to avoid mentioning anything about the you, the supervisor, or the conference.  This isn’t the focus.  The focus is on the 4 perspectives and what the sources suggest about the 4 perspectives. 

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