Political Ideologies

Political Ideologies

Political ideologies are the ethical ideals, philosophies, mythologies, or doctrines contained in a particular society or community that defines how the people in the organization are going to work. The political ideologies are mostly concerned with how authority is distributed and how it should be applied.

Conservatism- is a situation where customary social organizations rule in terms of beliefs and development without any government intervention. Traditionalists are seeking the preservation of a range of traditions, such as governing systems, property ownership, and beliefs (Heywood, 2017).

Democracy- this is the type of society which is governed by the individual who is elected representatives. These societies always participate in public voting in electing those representatives.

Liberalism- this is a kind of government system where individuals have freedom and rights such as freedom to speech, rights to state protection, and equality. The primary values of liberalism are rationalism, democracy, individualism, and justice to all.

Socialism- is a kind of social system and economic systems that is being categorized by social ownership on the process of production and individual’s self-management. This principle entails distribution, production, and exchange of the property.

Anarchism- this is a society where there is no government where there are no rules and regulations that govern the individual. The people are being governed by self-control.

Autocracy- is a system of government where political power is held by one person who makes unregulated decisions. The decision made is always the final and cannot be changed.


Heywood, A. (2017). Political ideologies: An introduction. Macmillan International Higher Education.

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