What is NASW’s position and how does the organization justify this position?

Throughout this course we consider policies that impact issues pertinent to social workers and the values they serve. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) publishes a policy journal, Social Work Speaks, which provides frameworks from which to view these issues and values. It includes 24 updated policy statements on topics ranging from human trafficking and transgender and gender nonconforming people to immigrants and refugees. For this assignment, you will select a social issue of interest to you and read about it in Social Works Speaks.

You will write a paper to include the following:

Section One: Personal Opinion

  • What is your personal opinion on the social issue?
  • What led you to this opinion?

Section Two: NASW’s Opinion

  • What is NASW’s position and how does the organization justify this position?

Section Three: Personal Reflection

  • Whether you agreed with the NASW prior to the assignment or not, had reading the position statement on the issue changed your way of thinking? How?
  • If you have a conflict with one of NASW’s policy statements, how will you handle it in your career as a social worker?

Format: 4~5 pages (12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, standard margins), including short introduction and conclusion. 

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