Pick and respond to one (only one) of the following topics/questions: (your post should be a minimum of 150 words). 

1- Using the definition of culture presented in chapter 1, how would you describe your culture (rewriting the definition from the book will not count towards your 125 minimum words)

2- Reflect on your scores on the self-assessment instruments in chapter one (PRICA: Personal report of Intercultural Communication; GENE: Generalized Ethnocentrism Scale and ICCS: Intercultural Communication Competence Scale). Do you see any patterns? Where your scores high or low? What might be some causes that contributed to you having the scores you did? Did your scores surprise you or did they affirm what you know about yourself?  

3- This chapter says that one way to become aware of cultural differences is to become mindful of your own behaviors. Analyze this saying and how your own communicative behavior is driven by culture.

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