1. You will create a portfolio for your articles related to health.  You will collect 10 articles.  The articles should clearly focus on health.  If you can find a theme related to your articles (i.e., COVID-19), it will help to build a more connected portfolio.  You will provide a photocopy of the articles, a 1-paragraph summary for each article, and a list of new vocabulary with definitions for each article.  Your summary and list of new vocabulary with definitions should be typed.

Finally, you will write a letter of introduction for your portfolio.  In your letter you should write about the articles.  You should mention the reasons why you chose these articles.  Also, you should attempt to use the new vocabulary. 

What are some of the main points and examples of the article?  Is there something new that you learned from reading the article?  If so, what did you learn?  Please write 75-100 words.  

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