Environmental Scanning and Analysis

Individual Assignment – OvIndividual Assignment – Overall Task

Using your chosen Ivey Case Study as your client organisation, immerse yourself in the

role of Management Consultant in providing a consulting service which involves the

following key milestone deliverables/tasks/assignments::

Part 1: Write a comprehensive Proposal for your client (10%)

Part 2: Environmental Scanning and Analysis (10%)

Part 3: Generate Strategies and Recommend A Solution (15%)


PART 2: Environmental Scanning and Analysis – 20% – 2,000 min to 2,500

words – Week 5 –BUSI 640 (V03) – Individual Assignment Brief 4

Environmental scanning is the process of gathering information about events and their relationships within an organization’s internal and external environments. The basic purpose of environmental scanning is to help management and you as an advising consultant to determine the current status and possible future direction of the organization. It’s like a health check before an operation or checking the weather forecast before going on a voyage ! It should be approx. 3,500 words in length.

Simple Guide to Environmental Scanning: http://bokeconsulting.com/strategyethics/environmental-scanning/

It primarily entails environmental scanning and diagnosis and will include the

following heading:

1. Table of Contents

2. Executive Summary / Takeaways

3. Introduction – Signposting

4. Purpose and Goal of the environmental analysis.

5. Client Profile and Company Background

6. Internal Analysis: Structure, System, Policies, Resources etc.

7. External Analysis: PESTLE analysis, Stakeholder analysis, Industry and Sector

SWOT – Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats and Issues Priority


8. Discussion and Conclusion

9. References


Submit via Turnitin on Moodle by due date.

PART 3: Generate Strategies and Recommend A Solution – 20% – 2,000 min to

2,500 maximum words – Week 8

This part directly builds upon Part 2 above where based on facts and evidence you now

generate different strategy options, alternative and possible solutions your client could

pursue. This must be based on evidence and facts and presented in a rational and logical

manner including stating any assumptions upfront.

and will include the following heading:

1. Introduction

2. Purpose and Goal of this part.

3. Executive Summary

4. Strategy Alternative and Justification

5. Recommended Solution and Justification (and Assumptions)

6. Implementation and Execution

7. Discussion and Conclusion

8. References

9. Appendices

Submit via Turnitin on Moodle by due date

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