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Discussion 2: Ageism in Society

Discussion 2: Ageism in Society

After the Great Recession of 2008, many older people were laid off and struggled to find work. These individuals were typically over 50 years old, had 25 or more years of work experience, and were highly skilled. Yet, they could not find work. Why?

The answer is complicated, and there were many factors at play, but many economic and labor experts said the answer was simple: ageism. At that time, many companies were hiring at salary levels far below what they were paying pre-recession. They were cutting back, looking to get “leaner and meaner,” and fewer positions were available. This, combined with high unemployment, made for intense job competition. Out-of-work people over 50 years old frequently found themselves in direct competition with younger….

Applying ethical theory

you have now studied the three approaches to ethical theory (deontological, consequentialist, and virtue theory) as exemplified in the work of Immanuel Kant, John Stuart Mill, and Aristotle. Your assessment is to write an essay applying these three approaches to the following practical case:

You are called to consult in the critical care unit of your local hospital. The hospital admits JoEllen, 53, after she takes an overdose of prescription medications with alcohol. On admission, she says, “Not supposed to be here . . . ” and soon becomes uncommunicative. As her condition deteriorates rapidly, her son arrives with a notarized advance directive in which JoEllen specifically asks not to be placed on life support. What should you recommend to the attending health professionals?

Assessment InstructionsAs you write….

Utilizing Evidence Practice Guidelines

Topic 1: Utilizing Evidence Practice Guidelines

One of the ways that the Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNP) can manage risk of being successfully sued for malpractice or negligence is by utilizing evidence practice guidelines. Explain how these guidelines affect the “standard of care” and discuss with your classmates how utilizing this guideline can be a major strategy to significantly reduce risk to the provider.

At least 3 references less than 5 years old

Financial Theory

BUSI 320 Textbook Assignment 3Your Name: ___________________________

Your Answers:1102113124a5b6c7d8e9 f 

Type your answers in the table above and submit this document. 

Use what you have learned about the time value of money to analyze each of the following decisions:

Decision #1:   Which set of Cash Flows is worth more now?

Assume that your grandmother wants to give you generous gift.  She wants you to choose which one of the following sets of cash flows you would like to receive:

Option A:  Receive a one-time gift of $ 10,000 today.   

Option B:  Receive a $1400 gift each year for the next 10 years.  The first $1400 would be received 1 year from today.    Option C:  Receive a one-time gift of $17,000 10 years from today.

Compute the Present Value of….

Assignment to compare X to Y and using the mentioned reference in each section defend why ProductX ‘s values are in an appropriate range, given that minimum requirement is detailed in the reference

Question: Assignment to compare X to Y and using the mentioned reference in each section defend why ProductX ‘s values are in an appropriate range, given that minimum requirement is detailed in the reference.

Areal Density


8X10 dimensions for product X and Y

Product X areal densityProduct Y areal density132g/m2154 g/m2  


Minimum requirement based on the reference below is: The areal density of the scaffold shall be between 33 and 321g/m2.

Ref.: Deeken C. R., Lake S. P. Mechanical properties of the abdominal wall and biomaterials utilized for hernia repair. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 74 (2017) 411–427. Note: In Table 6 for this reference, the areal density of commercially available meshes ranges between 33 (MERSILENE®) and 321 (C-QUR®) g/m2.

Pore size comparable….

What were the independent and dependent variables in the study?

Researchers often go through several stages of data analysis and often conduct many different statistical tests to examine the data. For this discussion, find a journal article and analyze the results section of the article. Your article may use any type of research method, but it should not be a review article. Answer the following questions in your analysis.

1. What were the independent and dependent variables in the study? (Note that independent and dependent variables would only need to be identified in experimental designs).

2. Summarize the statistical measures the authors used and what the findings were.

3. Were the results statistically significant? Explain your answer.

4. Do the results support the hypothesis? Explain your answer.

5. What future directions might the research take given the findings?

Growth investments

Growth investments.Shares.Property.Defensive investments.Cash investments include everyday bank accounts, high interest savings accounts and term deposits.Fixed interest.

Pick one of the first 5 project classification categories, and discuss how you would present a hospital project of your choice. Be sure it is clear what category that you are explaining. Talk about the cost, why you need it, payback period, and expected outcomes of the project.

This is your chance to practice crime analysis with real data. In Week 1 you were introduced a number of external police agency sites where the public can access crime data. They are at the end of this discussion introduction.

For this first discussion board, I would like you to access one of the sites below and filter for thefts from vehicles (TFVE) in the last 90 days (or however long you choose). As part of your analysis, I would like you to construct a discussion thread to tell us about what you observed in terms of where they are occurring (and “so what” about the location), the time and other factors you can observe from the maps that are critical to your analysis.

I would like you to then come up with some solutions you feel are appropriate to not only solve the problem but deter it. Please also discuss what information is missing and why that would impact your approach to the analysis. Feel free to….

Director’s Letter on Compliance Requirements

As the Environmental Safety Compliance Director for a food processing facility that has onsite ammonia refrigeration facilities to cool the food products, prepare a 2-3 page memorandum to your boss outlining a summary of the congressional acts and/or regulations that apply to storage and release prevention of the 15,000 pounds of ammonia in the system.

For each act or regulation, identify the regulation or act and provide a brief summary of actions required to be taken by the company for compliance.

Be sure to cite and reference all sources of information in APA format.

Discusses all four of the four financial statements as well as making a decision to obtain funds for your company

This two part written assignment, discusses all four of the four financial statements as well as making a decision to obtain funds for your company. Your assignment must include a thorough discussion of the following two questions :

1. So far we have examined the four financial statements: Income Statement, Statement of Stockholders’ Equity, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. Briefly discuss the four statements. Which is the most useful to external users and why?

2. You are in need of funds to expand your corporation, and three alternatives include issuing common stock, issuing bonds payable, and issuing a note payable. Discuss the pros and cons of each of these three choices. Determine the best choice for your corporation and explain why.

Please follow the following formatting requirements: