Analyze the current and potential trends and developments affecting the hospitality industry

One Word containing: – 2 factsheets – 2 infographics – 2 magazine articles

1. Examine the current structure, scope, and size of the hospitality industry. 3. Review the internal and external factors that impact the hospitality industry and how they relate to current issues facing the hospitality industry. 4. Analyze the current and potential trends and developments affecting the hospitality industry.
Assignment Brief and Guidance:
Vocational Background Hospitality Matters is the bulletin for the hotels and leisure industry. This publication explores recent developments in the hotels and leisure sector that should be of interest to owners and operators alike. Highlights of the 2020 Autumn / Winter edition include: Covid-19 – Update on the impact on the UK hospitality industry How to successfully implement ePrivacy Regulation in the hotel and leisure industry Post-pandemic consumer behavior: trends and expectations Current context and trends for hospitality and tourism

Activity 1 As you are one of the main authors contributing to this magazine, for the 2020 Autumn / Winter edition you were commissioned to create the content in the form of factsheets, infographics, and articles. Therefore, the chief editor sent you the below content list to be prepared for review by the 24th of June 2020.

Content list: ✓ Factsheet 1: Hospitality businesses, products, services ✓ Infographic 1: The contribution of the hospitality industry to local and national economy ✓ Infographic 2: The contribution of the hospitality industry to international economies ✓ Factsheet 2: Rosewood London – a luxury hotel ‘surgery’ (insight view on organizational structure; SWOT analysis) ✓ Article 1: The hospitality business environment ✓ Article 2: Current and potential trends and developments affecting the UK hospitality industry

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