How much of our personality is developed through genetic inheritance and how much is developed through environmental influence?

How much of our personality is developed through genetic inheritance and how much is developed through environmental influence?

Access good, reliable, contemporary and informative literature and provide a constructive and critical appraisal of that literature. Researching and constructing this literature review will assist to develop good research and critical evaluation skills. To begin to recognise good quality research and the ways they can evaluate both qualitative and quantitative research.
The topic:
You are a research assistant. You are working on a research project, the aim of
which is to answer the research question that has been chosen.

Your role is to develop a literature review which explores the existing research in
this area so you and your colleagues can determine possible directions for the
You are therefore required to research widely to identify contemporary (up-to-date)
literature which describes the research which has taken place already in this area of
interest. You will be interested in
• the research question and aims,
• the research design,
• the research methods including sampling,
• the outcomes (findings) of this research.
The literature review must
• clearly articulate the student’s understanding of the relevant literature,
• demonstrate the breadth of this research that is currently published (within the
last 10 years) and
• provide the conclusions the student has drawn from reading this literature
Students must make reference to national and international peer reviewed literature
in this literature review. Websites and text books are not appropriate choices for this
assignment. One of the key purposes of the literature review is to gain skills in
evaluating and critically reading research literature. Students should make good use
of the databases of the library. If you do not know how to use databases please
contact the Librarian for assistance in learning this important skill. You are expected
to provide 10-12 references as a minimum requirement.

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