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Capstone Project

View the following video ( the transcript of the video is attached in the attachment section) about what happens when job descriptions no longer match employee responsibilities.

The workday begins at 8:00 a.m. in the Vigo County Tax & Municipal Services Office. You are the director and have a staff consisting of one receptionist, two information clerks, and one database administrator. Until recently the office operated smoothly with equitable workload distribution and well-defined responsibilities.

Over the last year or so, you’ve noticed more disagreements between the receptionist and the information clerks. After discussions with your employees, you determine that the problems stem from misunderstandings regarding responsibilities for particular duties. Strong discontent has developed because the receptionist feels that the information clerks have too much free time to socialize and run personal….

What is the issue/topic? Why should your audience care about it? (Your audience will be other people affected by the issue: at work, school, or another community you belong to).

Your Topic Proposal will:

Present at topic that is appropriate for the essay assignment requirementsIdentify why your topic is worth exploring, why it matters to youIdentify who your audience is (who are you persuading to consider action around your topic)?Have a workable approach to researching the topicShow your interest in the topic and how it will be a worthwhile topic to explore furtherBe MLA formatted

By writing out your proposal, your research will likely be more organized and focused. Also, by sitting down and thinking through the project, you will likely feel more prepared for the task of research and writing.

Remember: you are not expected to have a decided opinion on the topic (or a conclusion/solution to the topic); rather, you are expected to display your current….

NASA is currently building its 2020 rover

3.3 I Need more power.

NASA is currently building its 2020 rover. Considering that previous rovers died from terminal loss of solar power for too long, make a recommendation for a power management system. You must determine the power source and storage design. A Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator is not permitted due to the extra weight it requires. How will you balance operations with charging? Estimate your system’s ability to survive multi-day blackouts.

Your response should be at least 500 words and supported with appropriate reference citations (e.g., scholarly, peer-reviewed, and from reputable sources) Make sure to use reference citations in APA format and add a reference section to the end of the paper.

Family Nursing Dosage Calculation Practice

1) Dosage Calculation 

Complete the dosage calculation practice test. To best prepare yourself for the dosage calculation test, only allow yourself to use a pencil and calculator. You will have 30 minutes to complete 10 questions for the actual dosage calculation test. You do not need to turn in the dosage calculation test. This is for you to practice. I will open the answers next week so that you can review your work.

Family Nursing Dosage Calculation Practice

1. A physician ordered Magnesium Sulfate bolus 4 grams in 100 MLS of LR to be given over 20 minutes. What rate should the nurse set the infusion pump at? 

2. Your patient Zachary weighs 6 kg. He has prescribed rifampin 75 mg per nasogastric tube. You have rifampin 20 mg/mL….

Bereavement Counseling

Utilizing your textbook readings for this module week, discuss how faith and spirituality may be potentially therapeutic to those who are dying. Then, read through The Code of Ethics for the Association for Death Education and Counseling and highlight two specific responsibilities that a counselor has when engaging bereavement counseling. Detail these responsibilities and discuss why they are important. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assignment

Learning Outcomes 

● MLO3. Describe the goal of AI and how it works. (LO2)

 ● MLO4. Explain the pros and cons of AI (LO9) 

Assignment Details 

After reading the information presented in this module and other sources, write an essay that addresses the following: 

1. Identify two existing definitions of AI. Select the definition that you like the most and justify your choice. 

2. What are two positive and two negative aspects of artificial intelligence. Provide an example of AI to illustrate your discussion. 


 The essay should be  3 pages long (do not count cover page or references page), double space font 11 or 12, font Arial or Calibri. Make sure you include a clear heading for each section of your paper. Use APA style for the….