What state or federal resources are available to these parents?

Please evaluate the subjective and objective information provided to you in the file below.

The first part of the discussion board is to identify all pertinent positive and negative information.

Would there be any other information you would want to obtain?

Then create a differential diagnosis list with at least 3 possibly actual diagnosis based on your findings.

Second part is to create a plan utilizing clinical practice guidelines for the priority diagnosis.

What state or federal resources are available to these parents?

What health promotion recommendations may you want to consider?

Be sure to include APA in-text citations and provide full reference citation at the end of the discussion.

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Explain how Fairphone addresses or is implicated in each ecological concern (Blood Coltan and Rare Earths, Informational Sweatshops, and Powering Digital Culture) detailed in Escaping Attention and whether they are successful or not in doing so?

Case Study: Can smartphones ever be “sustainable”?.pdf ( Attached file.) Based on your understanding of concepts from the course readings and using the case mentioned in the above example answer….

Adolescence is a time of trials and tribulations.

Required Readings LeCroy, C. W., & Williams, L. R. (2013). Intervention with adolescents. In M. Holosko, C. Dulmus, & K. Sowers (Eds.), Social work practice with individuals and families: Evidence-….

E-Supply Chain Management

Background information: This project requires students understanding for the period where the organisations faced various challenges due to the covid. The spread of COVID pandemic continuous and the gradually interdependence….