Nation-State Political Profile

As you know from the syllabus, each of you must complete two “nation-state political profiles.” Your first task is to choose two countries. These countries can be from anywhere in the world (except the United States), but must be from two different continents. You should sign up on D2L to make your nation-state requests.
No two students can profile the same country.
The purpose of the profile is to explain the politics of the chosen nation-state.
Because “politics” can mean different things in different places, no two profiles will follow the same structure. At a minimum, each profile must include information about the nation-state’s: institutions, systems, norms, and demographics. The best papers will use the resources below to explain important details about how the nation-state’s political system functions, how much freedom citizens have, how developed is the economy, what kinds of electoral systems are used, whether the nation-state has high or low capacity and high or low autonomy, and some discussion about the demographics.
For example, in a profile of the United States, you would include the fact that the US has a written Constitution, has a federalist system, employs winner-take-all elections, and has a relatively high degree of political freedom (with data and references to support these claims), and generally has high capacity and high autonomy. As well, you would explain the demographics, natural resources, and basic features of the US’s economic system.
The paper must be written as an academic paper, with complete sentences, and clear citations for all sources. The resources listed below are good places to start.
You may also use other specialized resources, but not general sources such as
Wikipedia. Let me know if you have any questions.
Good luck!
Selected Resources:
Comparing Economic Systems:
Comparing Political Systems:
Global Electoral Systems:
Global Demographics:
United Nations Online Data:
United Nations “Pocketbook”: