How Do Managers use Financial and Nonfinancial Performance Measures?


We have covered several ratios in this unit that users of financial statements can work with to evaluate a company’s performance. However, not all ratios are important for or applicable to all organizations. In particular, service organizations have different business models than manufacturing organizations. Using the company you worked with for your Unit 5 portfolio assignment, explain which financial ratios would be applicable to the company and which would not. State the reasons for your assertions. 

As portfolio activities are to be self-reflective, please make sure to connect the portfolio assignment to:

  • Your personal experiences. Reflect on how this assignment topic is applicable to and will benefit you.
  • Course readings and any external readings.
  • Discussion forum posts or other course objectives.

The Portfolio Activity entry should be a minimum of 500 words and not more than 750 words. Use APA citations and references if you use ideas from the readings or other sources.
This activity will be assessed using the 
Portfolio rubric:

Here’s the rubric for the assessment of the paper. I hope it helps. Please also make sure to use in-text citation, must also have a conclusion drawn. Aspect 1 – Self-disclosure: You must connect concepts from class to personal experiences. Aspect 2 – Connection to outside experiences: Do a good job of identifying some general ideas or issues of selected aspects of experiences related to the topic. Aspect 3 – Connection to course readings and discipline-specific literature: Explaining specific ideas or issues from the reading related to the topic. Aspect 4 – Connection to class discussions and course objectives: You need to synthesize, analyze, and evaluate ideas and issues from the class discussion in your portfolio assignment response.

Please include this book in the references

  1. Heisinger, K., & Hoyle, J. B. (n.d.). Accounting for Managers. Retrieved from 
  2. Chapter 13 – How Do Managers use Financial and Nonfinancial Performance Measures? 
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