Research on Tuberculosis

Make sure to use persuasive technique and the Research is clear and focuses on purpose with three references utilized to complete this paper
The writing is organized logically. Transition words make the writing easy to follow. All the elements (introduction with hook and thesis, body, conclusion) of an essay are present.
Sentences of different lengths and types make the writing easy and interesting to read. The writing does not contain sentence fragments and run-on sentences.
There are no errors in grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
demonstrates significant creativity and originality in two or more of the scientific concepts incorporated. ( biological molecule, DNA mutation , rna)
displays a well-designed plan based on defined variables and controls.

Gather information on the pathogen of your choice and write a reflection of its pathogenesis 2- What are common medical practices and drugs used to reduce their symptoms/spread? 3- What are the most recent discoveries (Scientific Publications) on a better medical method to take into consideration when tackling their symptoms and spread? 4- Conduct an epidemiologic investigation on their spread and number of infections per year. 5- Design a solution/method to reduce their spread in the human population (Flattening the curve for viruses)

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