Family Nursing Dosage Calculation Practice

1) Dosage Calculation 

Complete the dosage calculation practice test. To best prepare yourself for the dosage calculation test, only allow yourself to use a pencil and calculator. You will have 30 minutes to complete 10 questions for the actual dosage calculation test. You do not need to turn in the dosage calculation test. This is for you to practice. I will open the answers next week so that you can review your work.

Family Nursing Dosage Calculation Practice

1. A physician ordered Magnesium Sulfate bolus 4 grams in 100 MLS of LR to be given over 20 minutes. What rate should the nurse set the infusion pump at? 

2. Your patient Zachary weighs 6 kg. He has prescribed rifampin 75 mg per nasogastric tube. You have rifampin 20 mg/mL suspension. How many mL will you give via the nasogastric tube? Round to the nearest 10th.

3. A Physician ordered Magnesium Sulfate 40 grams in 1,000mL of LR at a rate of 2g/hour for a woman in preterm labor. What rate should the infusion pump be set at? It should be a whole number.

4. Betony is a 2 ½-year-old who is newly diagnosed with HIV infection. She is to be started on Retroviral 120 mg by mouth every 12 hours. She weighs 13 kg and is 90 cm long.

A. Using the formula for BSA calculate her body surface area:

BSA (m2) = Ht (cm) X Wt. (kg) / 3600

B. Retroviral is prescribed on an individual basis ranging from 180 to 240 mg/m2 per dose every 12 hours. It comes in a concentration of 10 mg/mL. 

Is her dose of 120 mg within the acceptable range? 

How many mL with you administer? 

5. Your patient Nicole is admitted with sepsis and you have an order for meperidine 29 mg intramuscular. A vial comes up Meperidine 100mg/ml. How many mL will you give? Round to the nearest 100th.

6. Your post-op patient has fentanyl 42 mcg intramuscular ordered. The vial you have is 250 mcg/mL. How much will you give? Round to the nearest 100th.

7. Your patient weighs 21 lbs. She has captopril 3 mg PO QD ordered. The safe range is 0.3 to 0.5 mg /kg/day. You have a Captopril solution 1mg/mL on hand. Is this dose within the safe dose range and if so how many MLS would you administer? Round to a whole number. 

8. Your 5-year-old post-op patient is having pain. The doctor wants to order fentanyl and ask for the safe dose range. Your patient weighs 53 lbs. The safe range for fentanyl is 1-2 mcg/kg. What would be a safe dose for this patient? The doctor wants to order 42 mcg, is this within the safe dose? You have an ampule that contains 50mcg/mL. How many MLS would you administer IV? Round to the 100th place. 

9. Your patient has metoclopramide 0.68 mg PO. You have metoclopramide syrup in a concentration of 5 mg/ 5 mL. How many MLS will you administer? Round to the nearest 100th. 

10. You have oral Lasix 10 mg/ mL. The prescribed dose is 25 mg PO once daily. The patient weighs 9.5 kg. The safe range for this medication is 1 to 6 mg/kg/day. How many MLS will you administer? Round to the nearest 10th.

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