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What do you understand by Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies?

Project Coursework

This coursework assignment carries 20% of the total of 100% for accounting theory course. It is a group-based assignment, 3 to 4 students per group. The tasks/requirements are detailed as below.

The Coursework Task- Context

“Blockchain technology has the potential to upend entire industries. Especially the financial sector may undergo disruptive change. Some claim that blockchain technology might eliminate the need for a financial statement audit. Independent auditors will need to understand blockchain technology. The power of distributed ledger technology promises a wealth of advantages for accounting firms large and small.”“Cryptocurrencies, the most well-known of which is Bitcoin, present overt and major challenges to the accounting profession. Major issues for financial accounting purposes include measurement, recognition, presentation and disclosure. For auditing and other attestation services,….

Would you be able to represent a client who you know committed such a heinous crime?

Question 1

Would you be able to represent a client who you know committed such a heinous crime?  Explain why defense attorneys must often defend clients they know to be guilty?Please watch this fascinating video of John Henry Brown, the criminal defense attorney that represented Ted Bundy and post your thoughts about the “Devil’s Defender.”‘Devil’s Defender’: Lawyer’s autobiography reveals new details on Ted Bundy – Crime Watch Daily

Question 2

Discuss how police corruption and other negative police officer actions can be prevented by a complete and thorough hiring process.

Cultural Characteristics

Students will need to conduct three different interviews/interactions with persons from cultures different from that of the student.  Each of these will have a journal or report that will be submitted through Blackboard. The journals will focus on three different topics:

Cultural CharacteristicsCommunication StyleViews of America

In the past, it has not proven difficult for students to locate and talk with people from other cultures.  Sometimes these are fellow students; sometimes they are people from the student’s home town.  Some students have most of their interactions with one person; sometimes the interactions are with two or three people. 

Each interaction has its own topic, and the specific explanations for these are contained in the specific assignment sheets for that journal.  In each interaction, however, students will need….

Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare Issue

The Quadruple Aim provides broad categories of goals to pursue to maintain and improve healthcare. Within each goal are many issues that, if addressed successfully, may have a positive impact on outcomes. For example, healthcare leaders are being tasked to shift from an emphasis on disease management often provided in an acute care setting to health promotion and disease prevention delivered in primary care settings. Efforts in this area can have significant positive impacts by reducing the need for primary healthcare and by reducing the stress on the healthcare system.

Changes in the industry only serve to stress what has always been true; namely, that the healthcare field has always faced significant challenges, and that goals to improve healthcare will always involve multiple stakeholders. This should not seem….