Planning an itinerary for an international group of visitors

Planning an itinerary for an international group of visitors

Due the last day of class, no exceptions Report Directions and Guidelines Create an itinerary for a group of international tourists for a 4-day stay in the city of New Orleans, or any city in Louisiana. The six-person group has $6,000 to spend on hotel, restaurant and attractions. Part 1: After choosing the country of origin for the group visiting, you must give an age (or ages) and demographic for the group. Examples: 20-year old Millennials exploring the South; 50-60 year old Optometrist in town for a convention; a family on their annual vacation. Part 2: Your report should read like an itinerary (there is one provided on Moodle). The difference will be that at the end of each day, you will be required to write a 150-word description of why the itinerary you chose for that day would be engaging to the visitors from the specific country that you chose. • Example: On the first day of visiting I brought the Chinese visitors to the Chenault Museum in Monroe, Louisiana. Chenault was a WW2 pilot that flew with the Chinese Airforce in their battles against Japan. He is considered a hero to the Chinese population. Because the group of visitors had an average age of 55 – 60, I knew this would be of interest to them. • Example 2: On the second day, I brought my Australian group to the Jazz Brunch at the Court of Two Sisters. In Australia, Jazz is very popular, as well as Cajun food. • Example 3: On the third day I brought my Canadian group on a swamp tour. Because the Cajuns descended from Nova Scotia, Canadians are often interested in the history of Acadiana in Louisiana Feel free to call an attraction and ask someone what visitors from which countries frequent their establishment and why. The plantation tours are very popular with internationals. Shopping is a number one activity for international travelers, especially from Central and South America. This report is to help you understand the current trends of international visitors to Louisiana. • The report is open to dates of travel. If you want to have one attraction that is a summer activity and a winter activity on the next day, that is acceptable. • The age of the visitor must stay the same, so if you choose a group of older visitors, you must have an itinerary suitable to that age group. • You have the entire state to work with and travel time is not a factor. Visitors can go to Shreveport one day and Baton Rouge the next.

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