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Planning an itinerary for an international group of visitors

Planning an itinerary for an international group of visitors

Due the last day of class, no exceptions Report Directions and Guidelines Create an itinerary for a group of international tourists for a 4-day stay in the city of New Orleans, or any city in Louisiana. The six-person group has $6,000 to spend on hotel, restaurant and attractions. Part 1: After choosing the country of origin for the group visiting, you must give an age (or ages) and demographic for the group. Examples: 20-year old Millennials exploring the South; 50-60 year old Optometrist in town for a convention; a family on their annual vacation. Part 2: Your report should read like an itinerary (there is one provided on Moodle). The difference will be that at the end….

Discussion Board Forums enhance learning as you share your ideas, perspectives, and experiences with your classmates

Discussion Board Forum Instructions

Discussion Board Forums enhance learning as you share your ideas, perspectives, and experiences with your classmates. There are 3 Discussion Board Forums in this course. For each forum, you will create a thread in response to the topic presented. To enhance the discussion, you will provide a unique reply to the threads of at least 2 classmates. Topics will be based upon the Reading & Study assigned each module/week. Detailed instructions for each Discussion Board are found within the prompts. Refer to the individual grading rubrics that have been provided. Both the frequency with which you participate and the depth of the content written will affect your grade.

1.         Do not use direct quotations from the textbook or any other source (except possibly a….

Discuss the business benefits that may be realized from increasing workforce diversity

Discuss the business benefits that may be realised from increasing workforce diversity

Ground it in theory and move towards discussing the business case benefits Two main theories:Sub social case Business case (how organizations benefit from this)Examples of how diversity is done well and bad Towards the end of the essay, talk about the wider challenges of the difficulties of having diversity in the work force. (People identify with those who are the same as them) which is a barrier to diversity. At least 3 business cases in depth No need to talk about policies of diversity that give benefits.Academic theory and evidence to support these theories is important for grading Reading:Noon, M. (2007) ‘The fatal flaws of diversity and the business case for ethnic minorities’. Work, employment and….

Thinking Critically about Morality

Write an essay in which you discuss a moral and/or political disagreement you have had with someone, and analyze it through the lens of social psychologist Jonathan Haidt’s “Moral Foundations”. Introduction: 7 – 10 sentences: Begin your intro by re-telling the story of your disagreement with X in a concise and clear way, keeping in mind your upcoming thesis. Transition Sentence: In order to gain more insight into my disagreement with X, I’m going to analyze it through the lens of what social psychologist Jonathan Haidt calls “moral foundations.” In his book titled ___________ , Haidt explains that our moral foundations… 5 – 7 sentences: Finish this section by explaining IN GENERAL what moral foundations are, how they work, what they do. You can use your answer….

Examine an existing national pandemic plan

Many of the problems we have seen in recent disasters associated with epidemics could have been averted through better planning and coordination between the health sector and disaster management. One way to chart a way forward is to examine gaps in existing planning. Globalization is a central cause of many epidemics and pandemics. It is important to increase capacity for a major response which requires a significant amount of manpower. Many of the regulations and laws that are applicable in the US are either not applicable or not recognized in the global context. The Stafford Act for example which provides the President of the United States with the authority to send aid after a disaster doesn’t apply to disease outbreaks. Past experience suggests that all emergency managers….

How can personalized medicine be applied to the human microbiome?

How can personalized medicine be applied to the human microbiome? How can this beutilized in the prevention of disease in humans? Please write as a first year biology student from the perspective of biological concept of health. Please use at least 2 primary articles.Here are the acceptable websites :Medline (US National Library of Health): <link is hidden> /> National Institute for Health: <link is hidden> /> Mayo Clinic: <link is hidden> /> World Health Organization: <link is hidden> /> Government of Canada: <link is hidden> /> Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: <link is hidden> /> <link is hidden> Medical Encyclopedia: <link is hidden> /> Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM): <link is hidden>

Extreme poverty, ethnic conflicts

The purpose of a briefing paper is to inform decision-makers or public officials about a particular issue. A briefing paper should present the key facts and information that a decision-maker needs to understand an issue to make decisions about how to respond to it effectively. Briefing papers are directed at readers who are typically not experts on a topic. Therefore, it is especially important that they be written clearly and that they present information in an accessible and concise way.

Topic: Imagine that you’re writing this report to Global affairs Canada(organization that gives foreign aid to other countries). You’re responsible for the country you have chosen(Iran). You need to pick an issue that you’re going help solve. For example: Extreme poverty, ethnic conflicts. Analysis should examine the….

In Texas, the Alamo is shrouded in mystery and legend and stands as one of the most revered places in the statev

In Texas, the Alamo is shrouded in mystery and legend and stands as one of the most revered places in the state. However, new evidence suggest much of the legendary components of the battle are inaccurate or exaggerated. Still, the legend of the Alamo stands as a physical reminder of the dedication of the average Texan to stand and fight in the face of tyranny. To what extent does the historic legend surrounding the Alamo continue to impact federal/state relationships today as well as the overall identity of the Texas political culture? Does the legend truly carry more weight, and, if so, why? Answer should be supported with evidence from the article and textbook.

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Reminder: The….