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Discuss the essential elements for measuring training outcomes

Prior to beginning work on this assignment,

Read Chapter 16 in Applied Psychology in Talent Management.

This week’s topic has been the considerations and design of training and development programs. Draw upon your reflections of the readings and discussion this week as you apply the Beefsteak Case Study to this assignment.

For this assignment, you will assess methods of training and development such as presentation, hands-on, group building, or technology-based training program for the managers of Beefsteak. You will need to determine how Beefsteak, with its quick growth, will train managers as the company continues to expand. Include the essential elements for measuring training outcomes from Chapter 16 of the course textbook. Identify the key principles of instructional design to encourage learner participation. Distinguish between the outcomes of statistically significant effects….

Portfolio Assignment,Physical Security

Portfolio Assignment

You are the new Compliance and Accountability Manager for the mid-size company. During the first two weeks on the job, you have conducted several inspections on the alarm, intrusion, and video technology systems. The findings from your investigations provided overwhelming evidence that these systems are either not operating efficiently, or they are not in compliance with governmental requirements. For this assignment, write a two-page double space memo, the company administrator addressing the following:

The significance of equipment and system overhaulApplication and the importance of an effective alarm system and its componentsGetting the systems certifiedAn efficient video systemThe lenses and illuminationCamerasRecordersmonitors

Ideas from the required reading assignment, as well as a biblical integration, must all be integrated into the memo. This memo should be error-free, citations should….

Biopsychosocial Assessment

Case Study 

David is a 49-year-old married man with two adult children. He has been married for 21 years. He has been employed as a metallurgical engineer in a local steel mill for 20 years. David noted he use to enjoyment going to work, but now, he states some days he would rather just stay home. David married his high school sweetheart. He describes their relationship as “typical.” They eat meals and attend family gatherings together but do little else as a couple. David use to spend his spare time reading, playing golf, and watching TV. For the last 6 months, David has felt blue and his appetite has decreased. He stated he doesn’t have any desire to do any of things he use to enjoy and would….

Race and ethnicity are terms that are commonly confused in everyday life.

Race and ethnicity are terms that are commonly confused in everyday life. Furthermore, the concepts of racism, stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination are often topics of discussion without much thought as to their precise meaning. First, discuss in your life how these terms have been used by yourself, friends, and family members and how that usage differs from sociological understanding. Second, comment on whether or not these terms have played a role in your life (positive or negative) and in what manner. Third, imagine that you identify yourself under the label “Hispanic”; given the knowledge presented, how might you respond to the following statement: “But you don’t look Hispanic … !” Fourth and finally, post a response to another classmate’s posting discussing your thoughts in a respectful and thoughtful….

Detective and Preventative Measures

Detective and Preventative Measures

Ideally, an organization can avoid incidents completely by implementing preventive countermeasures. When an incident does occur, an organization will want to detect it as soon as possible. Intrusion detection and prevention systems are some of the ways that organizations detect incidents. Security professionals need to understand common attack methods so that they can take proactive steps to prevent them. Select a common attack, describe the attack and how organizations attempt to prevent the attack from happening, and explain how they detect and respond to the attack. Research current news for attacks for the example you have provided. 

Describe 3 selling strategies needed to achieve the desired customer relationship.

Each response post should consist of at least 100 words.Point out what you perceived to be the strengths of the initial posting along with supporting rationale.Identify specific opportunities for improvement with regard to the content in the initial posting. Furthermore, you should provide supporting rationale for your stated position, as well as concrete suggestions and guidance intended to strengthen the effectiveness of the contentVideoDescribe 3 selling strategies needed to achieve the desired customer relationship.