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You will choose a company (real or fictitious) to create 4 of the 6 plans below for

Each plan should be a full-page with a total of 7 pages.

You will choose a company (real or fictitious)  to create 4 of the 6 plans below for:

            It will include a

Title page

Introduction page (What company and why they need these plans).

Information System Contingency Plan (ISCP)

Critical Information Restoration Plan (CIRP)

Business Incident Response Plan (BIP)

Occupant Emergency Plan (OEP)

Critical Incident Protection (CIP)

Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)

Reference page

Statistically, the population of the United States is aging, driven in large measure by the baby boomer generation.

1.Statistically, the population of the United States is aging, driven in large measure by the baby boomer generation. As a prospective health services administrator, what proposed changes to health delivery services would you recommend to better serve our aging population.

2. In the United States, our approach to policy development and revision is to use small steps, otherwise known as incremental change. Is this approach helpful to our health delivery system? Why?

****I only need one to two paragraph for both. Its not a report just one or two paragraph for both discussion question. 

Thoroughly explain your answer and cite all references/sources utilizing a scholarly referencing style (including page numbers) for your posts and peer responses. Please utilize correct spelling/grammar and refer to the Discussion Rubric in….

Select a topic of personal interest to you, define a controversy within that topic, and examine that controversy at length



Select a topic of personal interest to you, define a controversy within that topic, and examine that controversy at length. 

The final result will be a 1500 – 2000 word (approx. 5 – 7 page) persuasive research paper that argues convincingly for one side of that controversy. 

You must utilize at least 3 sources that will help you portray your argument.  These sources must be incorporated correctly, used appropriately, and cited thoroughly using MLA standards.  Sources should represent both the side that agrees with you and those that disagree with your own thesis.  Your final draft will need to incorporate at least one chart, table, or graph, as well as at least one pictorial component (photo, drawing, etc).  These materials must be cited as well. 


1500 – 2000 wordsAt least….

The Bed Cellar

Read the case study The Bed Cellar and act as a business consultant who advises a client on what hardware and software to choose.

Write recommendations in a proposal format.

Use the Owl at Perdue INDOT Writing Proposal Handout ( ) for guidance on the formatting and content. You do not have to include all sections in the handout, but include those that are relevant to your proposal.  Be sure to include the cost and benefits in your proposal as well.  

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan 

The marketing mix is a must

 I need excellent explanation and all elements to be clearly related to the product/service.

 Also, need excellent demonstration in the overall marketing strategy that the product/service meets the needs of the target market. The marketing plan budget has to be reasonable and realistic.  

Operations Plan

 an excellent description of the resources and processes needed for the day-to-day functioning of the company in order to achieve the strategic goals and objectives.

 The human resources and other types of resource needs are given an exceptional excellent description and analysis.

 excellent understanding and thoroughly explained the production process through which inputs are transformed into outputs. If extra analysis, such as capacity, quality control, and source of supply, is carried out.

Describe a possible career you would consider going into with your bachelor’s degree

Describe a possible career (from the textbook resources and lecture) you would consider going into with your bachelor’s degree and briefly describe a difficult scenario that you might encounter in the career. Describe in detail how you might be able to use some of the lessons from psychology to address it.


Go to the Kean Library website and retrieve two current (5 years or less) peer reviewed journal articles on a topic related to psychology. Each annotated bibliography must include a detailed summary of the main purpose of the study, brief description of the methods and results, the theoretical perspectives identified in the article, significance for the topic, limitations or bias, the author(s) academic credentials and your evaluation of the value, effectiveness, and usefulness of the study related to the topic.

The assignment must include a cover page and reference page following strict APA (7th ed.) format. Each annotated bibliography should be approximately 200-250 words. Attach as a word document.

Kean Library Website——–

Key characteristics of organizations

Prior to beginning work on this discussion,

Read Chapter 15 in Applied Psychology in Talent Management.

Your boss has asked you to design an effective training program. Using the course materials and any additional resources, identify how you would include the following:

Key characteristics of organizationsKey characteristics of individualsLearning and individual differencesPrinciples that enhance learning

Your initial response should be a minimum of 200 words. Graduate school students learn to assess the perspectives of several scholars. Support your response with at least one scholarly resource in addition to the text.

How Does Family Impact Teens With Depressive Disorder?

Research Paper

Topic: “How Does Family impact Teens with depressive disorder?”

15 pages minimum

25 references minimum

1. Abstract

2. Introduction


-Background Information

-Problem Statement

-Research Question


-Thesis Statement

3. Literature Review ( at least 5 references)

4. Methods

5. Results

6. Discussion

7.Limitations and Implications

8. Conclusion

9. References ( 25 references for the paper)